“To start the day I choose a coffee, to continue it, a smile”
Stephen Littleword

Le nostre camere sono state pensate per regalare a chi soggiorna un ambiente sereno ed elegante, curato fin nei dettagli. Ogni camera è caratterizzata da un colore predominante, scelto dai sette colori dell’arcobaleno, e un colore più tenue che accompagna e completa il tutto.

I bagni annessi ad ogni stanza sono spaziosi e riprendono i colori caldi della terra. Al loro interno sono dotati di un’ ampia doccia con doppio soffione di cui uno in alto “a pioggia” fisso ed uno minore mobile, per la sicurezza di ogni ospite è stato installato un campanello a tirante che consente a chi è nella doccia di chiedere aiuto. Inoltre è presente uno scaldino dalla temperatura regolabile, phon a parete, set cortesia e biancheria completa.

Dolce Aurora

Single room, Dolce Aurora

€ 45/night
Camera Doppia - B&B Arcobaleno Potenza

Cieli di Glicine

Twin room, Cieli di glicine

€ 60/night
Camera Matrimoniale - B&B Arcobaleno Potenza

Bagliori Dorati

Double room, Bagliori dorati

€ 60/night

Common Spaces

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€ 45/night
Singol room
€ 60/night
€ 60/night


A few simple rules to follow to enhance the pleasure of your stay.


Whenever you leave the house, please lock the front door and check that the windows are closed, to prevent possible subtractions of values from the rooms.

Public decorum

It is forbidden to walk around the Bed and Breakfast with clothing that may offend the decency of others.


If the customer causes damage to the house or to the elements that furnish it, he will be responsible, recasting the damage itself.


Pets are not allowed inside

Kitchen and tableware

It is not allowed to use the kitchen and washing up on a duly agreed authorization.

Breakfast service

Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 10:00 hours (except otherwise agreed).


At the end of stay every guest will have to return the keys. In case of loss he will be liable to compensate the damages caused by the planned replacement of existing locks.

Access denied

It is absolutely forbidden to enter without proper authorization in different rooms than those made available to guests.

For safety reasons, it is also absolutely forbidden for guests to access the inside of the structure, or in the room assigned to them, other people they know who have not made a regular reservation and simultaneous check-in or that have not been expressly authorized by the owner.

Objects responsibility

The Direction will not be in any way responsible for the personal property of the guests left in the rooms and public areas.

Respect the house

It is forbidden to bring outside anything you find in the rooms, in the bathrooms or in the premises made available to guests.

Switching off lights

It is mandatory to switch off lights, the TV and anything else in your room first if you are not present in it.

No smoking

Inside the rooms it is strictly forbidden to smoke (violators will be prosecuted according to the laws in force). Smokers can take advantage of a space outside the apartment.

Clean linen

The supply of clean linen is provided every three days


The daily cleaning of the rooms will be carried out from 10.00 to 11.30


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